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Hematology section Hematology section
Determination of haematological parameters such as hematocrit and hemoglobin, the number of white blood cells, platelets and their variants.
Biochemistry section Biochemistry section
Identification of many factors who are considered to be as routine examinations, however, have maximum clinical significance.
Section of Culture and analysis of body fluids Section of Culture and analysis of body fluids
Analysis of urine, faeces, pus, semen, vaginal or cervical fluid, postpartum, wound fluid, synovial, pleural, peritoneal fluid.

A Diagnosis - Microbiology Lab Zakynthos

A Diagnosis - Microbiology Lab Zakynthos The microbiology laboratory A Diagnosis is operating since March 2010 in the town of Zakynthos and has been founded by the microbiologist - biopathologist Adamidou-Mylona Maria (see CV).

The doctor has graduated from the Medical School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and holds a Master of Medicine at the University of Patras, where she has also gained after five years of clinical practice, the title of microbiological specialization.

She is a member of the ESCMID European microbiological company since 2008 and has gained specialization in areas that require further training, such as immunofluorescence and mycology.
Adiagnosis is a clinical laboratory that provides high quality of medical services and is applying modern methods and laboratory protocols
that are certified by scientific bodies like the World Health Organization, the European Microbiological company, the center for Disease Control KE.EL.PNO and covers the following areas:

  • hematology and coagulation-hemostasis section
  • biochemical section
  • hormonological section
  • immunological section with a separate section of immunofluorescence
  • culture section and analysis of body fluids

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Η ομοκυστεïνη (Hcy) είναι ένα θειούχο αμινοξύ,το οποίο σχηματίζεται κατά το μεταβολισμό της μεθειονίνης, η οποία είναι απαιραίτητο αμινοξύ.Ο προσδιορισμός της ομοκυστεîνης για εργαστηριακή διάγνωση άρχισε το 1962 όταν περιγράφηκαν οι πρώτοι ασθενείς με τη συγγενή ανωμαλία ομοκυστινουρία.Σήμερα η ομοκυστεîνη προσδιορίζεται  για τη διάγνωση συγγενών ενζυματικών ανωμαλιών,την εξακρίβωση έλλειψης Β12 και φυλλικού και την παρακολούθηση της θεραπείας με τις παραπάνω ουσίες.